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Yanuj Sharma


I think it’s great if you want to learn, whether it’s this program or learning online for free, whatever it may be. My biggest advice for all of you is that in addition to always trying to learn more, make sure you experiment. In marketing, the way you tend to learn the most, in the long run, is through experimentation. And if you don’t experiment, you won’t always know what’s working or what’s changing. What works now in marketing usually won’t necessarily work in a year or two. Things constantly change, and to stay ahead of the game, you have to experiment. Best of luck, everyone. I hope you all succeed in your lives.

Yanuj Sharma


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Learning Curriculum

  • Understand the importance of digital in traditional mix plans for marketing media.
  • Understand consumer choice trips, client individuals and audience tribes.
  • Learn about the new digital marketing framework to help you create a digital vision and objective for yourself.
  • Developing a balanced digital communication plan that incorporates both conventional and digital media.
  • Promotional Advertising in the Digital Age.

The process of developing your public persona for your target audience is referred to as personal branding. It entails conveying your values, beliefs, goals, and purpose with care and accuracy. If you don’t work on your own brand, you’ll never be able to stand out from the crowd. With our proven personal brand training, you may become the sole logical choice, which has helped numerous students stand out from the crowd and acquire organic clients and sales. Discover how to:

  • Create a winning personal brand approach that coincides with your ideal clients’ ultimate objective.
  • To get the most attention, polish your social media profile and optimise your bio.
  • Discover your specialty with our niche accelerator training, as well as how to be fully engaged and manage your energy more effectively online.Using our 60-day content calendar template, you can consistently produce content and repurpose it for multiple social media channels, allowing you to grow up your online presence.

Content is perceived by consumers as a source of information for their otherwise occupied minds. When people see your website, they should be persuaded to open it and make a purchase or click on any of the CTAs. Writing is an art in and of itself, and it is critical to produce convincing content if you want to see a great conversion rate. You will study the following in this module of Content writing:

  • What is Content Writing and how does it help your website?
  • What exactly is SEO-based content writing?
  • How to Insert the Correct Keywords at the Correct Places in Your Content?
  • Recognizing diverse online content tools
  • What is plagiarism and how can it be avoided?
  • Creating a powerful social media presence.
  • Finding your niche.
  • Using numerous social media tools.
  • Making money from your writing.

Whether you’re a freelance designer, entrepreneur, company employee, student, or looking for new ways to make money, this module will teach you an extremely valuable skill that will allow you to either – make money on the side or create a full-time income or save tonnes of money by not getting scammed into paying lakhs for website development. WordPress developers have several choices. Many developers make a good livelihood by designing bespoke WordPress themes and selling them on marketplaces like ThemeForest. WordPress projects may also be taken on by freelance designers and developers, who can earn an extra $1,000 – $5,000 each month. This lesson shows you exactly how to get started and become a fantastic website designer.

  • How to select a domain name and why it is crucial.
  • How to select the Best Web Hosting Service for Your Website.
  • How to set up a WordPress blog without the assistance of a web expert.
  • When you need to set up your WordPress blog, there are ten items you must have.
  • The following are ten must-have SEO plugins for any WordPress blog in order to improve your SEO ranking.
  • To personalise your website, you may use either free or premium themes.
  • How to use the finest SEO tactics of 2021 to publish your first blog article.
  • To boost your email subscribers, connect your email tool to your WordPress site.

Learn how to use search engine optimization to get results! Boost your website’s ranking in the main search engines! Does your website show in Google searches for potential clients and site visitors? We designed a 20-step unique structure to crack any blog or website to rank on top of Google’s search engine in the shortest period feasible after receiving at least 300,000 unique visits per year to www.Soravjain.Com blog. By the end of this session, you’ll have a firm grasp on how SEO (search engine optimization) works and how you can utilise it to increase traffic to your website.

  • Understand the need of a technical audit and how to conduct one on your own.
  • Using Structured Data Markup to Improve SEO.
  • You must be able to optimise on-page content using the appropriate keywords and page layout.
  • Understand what constitutes a decent URL structure and how to influence crawl activity.
  • Locating Great Places to Get Great Links to Your Site.
  • Understand how to leverage JavaScript frameworks to improve technical SEO.
  • While operating across several nations, you must be able to decide on the best domain strategy, URL structure, content, and keywords.
  • Learn Link Building Strategies and receive backlinks from over 30+ high-DA sites for free.

Mastering Facebook and Instagram Ads is the first step toward becoming a professional media buyer. If you execute it correctly, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising to get results. This is where the DIGITAL SCHOLAR’S technique comes into play. This award-winning technique shows you how to match your message and objectives across the full digital experience of a new customer. At the same time, it aids you in increasing conversions and lowering expenditures.Mastering Facebook and Instagram Ads is the first step toward becoming a professional media buyer. If you execute it correctly, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising to get results. This is where the DIGITAL SCHOLAR’S technique comes into play. This award-winning technique shows you how to match your message and objectives across the full digital experience of a new customer. At the same time, it aids you in increasing conversions and lowering expenditures.

  • Understand the new client path so that you can organise your Facebook ad campaigns correctly for success.
  • Create a long-term and scalable Facebook marketing plan that delivers less expensive traffic, leads, and sales while decreasing your chances of an ad account termination.
  • To minimise increasing expenses, use Split Tests to determine which advertisements work best and optimise for the top performers.
  • Promote your business on Instagram. Custom Audiences may be used to target website visitors, Facebook fans, or email subscribers, as well as Lookalike Audiences, which can be used to target people who are similar to your existing customers.
  • Ecommerce sales may be increased by using Dynamic Ads and Collection Ads.
  • App Install and Engagement Ads Can Help You Grow Your App.

Welcome to the Email Marketing Course Module, where you will learn the best email marketing methods that we use to attract thousands of new email subscribers each month and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income each year. We have a list of over 213,000 people and know what works in terms of earning money from them. Nowadays, far too many individuals are preoccupied with social media. However, as you’ll discover in this lesson, email marketing has many distinct and strong benefits, which is why every firm should be focusing on developing their list, which will be vitally crucial for optimising your success. You will be able to do the with this module:

  • Unleash your email marketing model, which will assist you in planning, sending, and managing your emails to get the greatest outcomes Types of emailers.
  • Apply the PROVEN email success principles to ensure that your emails get delivered, opened, read, and clicked on.
  • Using the 10+ easy lead magnet concepts we offer during the class, you can rapidly expand your email list to acquire the most highly targeted subscribers in the shortest period of time. Zapier is an introduction.
  • Set up autoresponders and email marketing material that can help you triple your open rates. Get Email Marketing Templates created by the greatest copywriters at Agencies and just plug and play to get started.
  • You bet you can learn how to create your first (or next) ebook in less than 10 minutes and generate email IDs before the conclusion of the lesson.
  • Transform your email campaigns into a results-driven data-driven marketing powerhouse.
  • Avoid the blunders that email marketers frequently (and still) make.

LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented networking platform targeted exclusively toward professionals. It has approximately 500 million subscribers from over 200 countries. When recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to look for candidates, LinkedIn allows you to exhibit your experience, knowledge, recommendations, and connections. It also establishes credibility in your sector and emphasises your successes. LinkedIn is still the most underutilised social media tool for driving leads and sales and building a strong personal brand. Fortunately, there is a PROVEN approach that top salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs have been utilising to arrange appointments with their ideal clients.and it’s as simple as utilising LinkedIn. Now, quickly and decisively, utilising LinkedIn to create leads is one of the most successful ways for a person or organisation to build a commercial relationship with another firm.

  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Get 10x More Visibility and Leads.
  • Demystify the most costly paid ad channel and consistently produce massive ROI from your LinkedIn Ads.
  • Scale your audience, stay ahead of the competition, and create insanely efficient retargeting audiences.
  • How to send cold LinkedIn messages to ANYONE in a small, medium, or Fortune 500 company and get a meeting.
  • Automate the generation of leads and sales. Making use of LinkedIn Outreach tools.

Social media has the ability to reach out to the unreachable. It’s one of the simplest methods to reach the masses because 80 percent of India’s population has internet access and is engaged on social media. In this session, we will assist you in making your company socially engaged. You will discover:

  • The fundamentals of all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) — planning, strategizing, scheduling, and promoting.
  • Create strategies and a monthly calendar for your small/medium/large business, and then put them into action.
  • The best performing content formats that have been tried and tested with major brands.
  • How to set up all platforms, how to get followers, and the best ways to engage them.
  • How a non-designer may hone their design abilities by utilising various tools.
  • The significance of #Hashtags and how to make the most of their reach.
  • Case studies of businesses who have aced the social media game with viral content at the local, national, and global levels.

Take responsibility of your own professional development. Locate international clients and discover how to conclude agreements with US dollars. It is critical to choose your clientele and understand how to be in the right location at the right time. Clients will begin to approach you if you push yourself to generate exceptional work. This module will assist you in becoming an international freelancer by connecting you with some of the largest Freelance Marketplaces and assisting you in obtaining your first or next foreign customer. You will also be introduced to Digital Scholar’s in-house marketplace, where you will be able to interact with 1000s of Entrepreneurs throughout the country who are seeking for digital marketers. 

  • To create your professional account on marketplace
  • What should you charge for your services?
  • To make contracts and collect money.
  • How to do it and who to work with to get the job done.


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On completion of the course, you will be assisted to crack 10+ valuable certificates under different domains.

3 Months

Saturday : 7pm –9pm
Sunday : 9am – 12pm

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What Our Students Say


Two month ago

With no prior knowledge of digital marketing, this course helped me to understand all the basic concepts and enhance my interest in marketing field. I have already enrolled myself into another course.


Three month ago

This is very helpful in making me learning about marketing in digital world. This is also going to be helpful for me in future. And as well the certificate of this will be beneficial for me in future.


Four month ago

A thought provoking course which highlights the benefits of modern digital tools and applies them to marketing theory and how digital tools are changing the landscape of marketing. Highly recommend!


Two month ago

Amazing mentor, Amazing course content, Lots of case studies which are useful, Materials provided are very useful. Wonderful Experience.


Two month ago

I really like the way, how the course is structured. You can learn lots of things. You should go and enroll. Please, only one thing, if you would like to only receive the certificate in short time, don’t enroll. I have seen and read lots of submissions, that weren’t written well or they were plagiarism! Be honest and take a time to think about thoughts and your answers, please.


Two month ago

I’ve learned so much and really loved the course! In lectures, the instructor delivers information in a very easy-to-understand-way and I loved his energy!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Are the classes live or recorded?

The classes are going to be recorded till March due to COVID and after that the live classes will start.

2. Do we get access to the recordings?

Yes, you get the access to the recordings for a total of 3 months.

3. Do you provide an internship, how does it work?

Yes, we provide a guaranteed internship with an earning potential with our parent concern agency.

4. Do you provide materials and notes?

You get access to all the study materials PPTs, PDFs, e-notes, cheatsheets & knowledge based videos.

5. Do you provide placements?

We provide 100% placement assistance for those students who complete this course. Making you industry ready is our primary objective and our placement cell is dedicatedly working for the same.

6. What would be the pay scale after the course?

The pay scale would be 15k to 35k per month depending on the skills, post, location and experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

7. What's the fee structure?

The original fee structure of the whole course is Rs 39500 + 18% GST.

8. Are you affiliated with any university?

We are not affiliated with any university. We believe in skill based learning.

9. Is this a PG / Diploma course?

This is not a PG or Diploma course. This is a professional course

10. Do you provide practical learning?

Yes, practical training is available. Following each module, you will have real projects, case studies, and trainer-curated tasks.